Site Performance

Get your site working

So you have a great product on a great site, is that enough?

Unfortunately not.

You need to know how your site looks to your customers and to the search engines.


Even though you know how your site should work, this may be the first time for a customer to your site.

Some customer may not look at areas you expect to do so. There may be errors that you have not noticed or forms that are obvious to you but confusing to a customer.

How will you ever find out unless you are watching what they do? we can help with our partner ClickTale.

We can also offer independent "Black box" functional testing of your site.

Search engines

Your site looks good to you and your customers. However if it does not look good to a search engine such as Google you will forever be low on the listings. Get your site to be friends with the search engines. We can deploy many trusted Search Engine Optimisation techniques, that will over time raise your site through the rankings.